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Galena IL Tri Info

Two Race Classes: Standard and Competition

Competitive Class:

If you have either or both of the following, you will be placed in the competitive division:

1. A composite kayak under 28 inches in width at its widest point or a plastic kayak under 24 inches in width at its widest point.

2. A road or racing bike defined as a bike with no shocks and tires less than an inch and 3/8ths in width.

If your race equipment does not have any of the parameters above you may race in Standard Class.

SUP Category:

Class will only be determined by the type of bike you ride.  Any type/style size Stand Up Paddle Board will be considered standard class, but if you or your teammate rides a road bike, you will be considered Competitive class.  All SUP class racers will leave in the same heat and will paddle half the course for a total 3 mile paddle (1.5 mile to turnaround and back).


A corporate team can be any mix of men and women on a team but must have both sexes.  We encourage corporate teams to name their team the Company they're representing.  Teams may have from 2 to 4 team members, for example 2 in a canoe, 1 biker, 1 runner.

Teams must have at least 2 people who split the events.  Only one pre-assigned paddler, runner, and biker's time will be counted, and not the best times produced by the group.  Only one team member carries the team race number per race leg.

Start time:
Race begins at 12:00pm at the Galena Boat Landing. All Transitions take place at the Galena Boat Landing Transition area.

Race Course:
Racers will line up at Galena Boat Landing (Hwy 20 Bridge) and start in class group heats. Racers paddle 3 miles downstream on the Galena River, round a buoy, then paddle back to start.  This is followed by a 17 mile bicycle which starts and ends at the Galena Boat Landing. After transitioning off  the bike, racers will run 3.1 miles (out and back) on the flat Galena River Trail. Racers finish at the Galena Boat Landing.

Exact race route is subject to change at any time.

Awards will be given in each Race Categories below

Men's Individual Comp. Class - 1st - 2nd - 3rd

Men's Individual Std Class - 1st - 2nd - 3rd

Wm's Individual Comp. Class - 1st - 2nd - 3rd

Wm's Individual Std Class - 1st - 2nd - 3rd

Master's Men (50 and above) - 1st

Master's Women (50 and above) - 1st

Men's Team Comp Class  - 1st

Men's Team Std Class - 1st

Wm's Team Comp Class - 1st

Wm's Team Std Class - 1st

Corporate Team Comp Class - 1st

Corporate Team Std Class - 1st

SUP Individual Std Class - 1st

SUP Individual Comp Class - 1st


Each individual/team will be responsible for providing its own equipment.  Fever River Outiftters is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment.

Individual Mandatory Gear List:

- Bicycle (hybrid, mountain, road or triathlon)

- Bike Helmet

- Canoe, Solo Canoe, Kayak or Tandem Kayak

- Life Jacket

- Kayak or Canoe Paddle

Equipment Rentals:

All of the equipment listed above may be rented from Fever River Outfitters.  Reserve early, as there may be limited availability.  Boats with paddles and PFDs $25 rental.  SUP with paddle and PFD $35 rental.  Call (815)776-9425 and view rental rates online at www.feverrivertriathlon.com


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